Who I Am

“The counsellor relieves you of the burden of going it alone”

Counselling Experience

I have been a psychotherapist since the early eighties.

My counselling practice on Saltspring Island is here to help you explore your life, to become confident in dealing with your challenges, to realize your strengths, to accept yourself as you are and to change as you need to. My hope is that our work will support you in a productive and satisfying life, no matter the circumstances.

Green Water

My early counselling work was in crisis counselling for women recovering from sexual violence and as a therapist at a centre for complementary medicine in Victoria, BC.

In the early 1980’s, I began my private practice in Victoria, BC.  I had a full-time practice in Victoria until 1999.

In the late nineties I developed a chronic illness and for a few years needed to stop working. I took a period of time to be more inward. This was a time of further healing and growth. I moved to Salt Spring Island, BC and in 2013 resumed working as a psychotherapist.

Training and Qualifications

I graduated from London University, UK with a BA, followed by an MA in Counselling Psychology (1983) from the University of Victoria .
Further to academic training, I pursued a 9 year training program in a body, mind and emotions therapeutic approach called Bioenergetic Analysis.
I am a long-time student and practitioner of mindfulness meditation.

To be an effective counsellor requires me to know myself and to have worked with my own issues, so that I can attend fully to my clients. I am always committed to this practice.

Psychology has recently grown exponentially through the synthesis of mindfulness teachings with new research into the functioning of the brain and understanding of the effects of trauma. My commitment to study and training is an ongoing part of my work and life.

I am a registered member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC #285).