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Staying Sane in a challenging time. –Taking care of ourselves and others

Here are my Staying Sane tips:

  • Acknowledge anxiety/emotions; accept them with compassion (kindness) and remind yourself: “How I feel will pass.”
  • Take time out for feelings, mindfulness and deeper breathing… or… meditation, leaning against a tree or a rock, looking up at the sky, sitting by the ocean… lying on the earth.
  • Take time outside, in nature. Walk, separately, together with a friend.
  • Remember: you may feel alone, but we’re all in this together.
  • Reframe your situation: explore how you can use this increased quiet time, e.g. journal-writing, exercises you can do at home (youtube), connect with friends on the phone or video connection, get going on projects you wanted to get to but didn’t have time for.
  • Ask for what you need and ask others what kind of support they need. Helping someone else helps us.
  • Practice gratitude: giving thanks for small or “large” things—a small blue flower in the grass, a health minister you trust—is known to help mental health.
  • Do something creative: write, paint, draw, play music, or learn new skills, take online courses.
  • Remind yourself: My effort makes a difference. Everyone’s care matters greatly now (actually it always did, we just don’t necessarily realize that).
  • Plan your daily life and try to keep to a schedule that is both clear and kind. Make sure to give yourself weekends or equivalent; this is not likely to be a brief crisis.
  • Maintain good routines: sleep, good food and exercise, supportive supplements (free advice available at Natureworks and Country Grocer).
  • Think about who you like to connect with and make phone or skype/facetime connections, or increase email or social media connections.
  • Check social media theories about what’s going on, how bad the crisis is etc. with reliable news sources and gov. Canada sites. Be a critical thinker.
  • Enjoy your animals, if you have pets.
  • Maintain existing supports as much as possible.
  • Stay informed with Covid-19 updates, but avoid  becoming obsessive; follow guidelines:
  • Make a budget for yourself for the next two or more months to reduce money anxiety: know what you have to pay and what you can put off. Stick to your budget, so you don’t make yourself more anxious. If you can’t make it work out, make a phone/video appointment with your bank/credit union.
  • Check out the ways you might benefit from the various forms of federal government aid economic-response-plan-support-for-canadians-and-businesses.html

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