Rowan Percy - MA, RCC

Online Counselling

I offer online audio-visual counselling. All you have to do is contact me to set up an appointment. I will send you an invitation to an online session, and you simply click on the link. It's as easy as walking through my office door and sitting down.

Face to face counselling is what we would all prefer. But online counselling is a good option for during COVID-19. For staying sane at this difficult time, go to my blog posts.

To prepare for an online session, please ensure you have privacy and quiet for the duration of your online session.

For those who prefer the phone: Let me know and we can connect by phone. (250) 537 2831.

For those who have less money at this time of financial stress for many, I am open to having a shorter session, so that you can manage your counselling dollars better. Please just talk to me about your needs.

Counselling meetings online are private and secure. Once we are on each other's screen, I can "lock" the session, meaning no other person has access. Please contact me if you have any concerns about online security or confidentiality.

Use the contact form to tell me what you need. And stay well!