Who I Am

“The counsellor relieves you of the burden of going it alone”

Counselling Experience

I have been a psychotherapist since the early eighties.

It is a joy for me to work with people who want to heal and grow as human beings.

My early counselling work was in combatting sexual violence against women and also at a centre for complementary medicine, in Victoria, BC.

I had a full time private practice in Victoria  from 1984 to 1998. In the late nineties I developed a chronic illness and for a few years needed to stop working. I took a period of time to be more inward—a time of further healing and growth. I moved to Salt Spring Island, BC in 1999 and in 2013 resumed working as a psychotherapist.

Training and Qualifications

I graduated from London University, UK with a BA, followed by an MA in Counselling Psychology (1983) from the University of Victoria. I am a registered member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC #285).

Further to academic training, I pursued a 9 year training program in a body-mind-emotions therapeutic approach called Bioenergetic Analysis, a forerunner of the many somatic therapies developed in recent decades. I am also a long-time student and practitioner of mindfulness meditation.

To be an effective counsellor requires me to know myself and to have worked with my own issues, so that I can attend fully to my clients. I have undertaken many years of my own therapy. I understand what it feels like to be the client.

My commitment to study and training is an ongoing part of who I am as a therapist.

Personal History

I was raised and educated in the UK and emigrated to Canada as a young adult. My early twenties coincided with the second wave of feminism. The internal conflicts of the women’s movement focused me on how our communications and psychology can support or undermine the change-work we want to bring about–not only feminists, but many radically oriented groups. I was discovering the many dysfunctional aspects of my own upbringing and the many ways those social and interpersonal dysfunctions affected my confidence, my underlying beliefs, my sexual orientation and my gender expression. I undertook many years of therapy and training and began a life-long commitment to healing, in myself and, once I had trained, for my clients. Later, I explored Buddhist thought and discovered a world of understanding that further deepened my path as a human being.

I have not dropped my politics. I am keenly committed to structural and societal change. I believe we all find different ways to support this world to heal and no one way is intrinsically superior or inferior to another. It is my commitment to clarifying the wounds of the psyche that I hope will help our world’s wounds heal more readily, even if the ripple effects fan out in small or slow ways.

I live on Saltspring Island with my partner, who is a naturalist.

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