Counselling on Saltspring Island for Individuals, Couples and Families


Rowan Percy, MA, RCC 

Welcome to my counselling site. There is a way through whatever dilemma or difficulty you might be facing. Personal problems that seem overwhelming can become manageable. Our challenges can teach us about ourselves and may open doors to a renewed life.


The focus of my counselling practice on Saltspring is to help you explore the challenges that confront you, realize your strengths and change as you need to. My intention is to support you and help you see your life realistically, with self-acceptance and compassion, no matter the circumstances. To find out more about how I work, go to the page (menu, above): My Counselling Practice.

Looking for a therapist is a big step, so, congratulations for making a start. To read more about choosing a therapist, go to the page (menu, above): Getting Started.

How can I benefit from counselling?

A counsellor is a helpful person to turn to when you feel you are depending too much on the support of family and friends. The issues you face may also be of a deeply private matter. A counsellor relieves you of the burden of “going it alone” or having to keep everything to yourself.

Counselling is helpful in times of crisis or significant life transitions, when people encounter persistent unhappiness, in grief or loss or when they feel regularly “down” or depressed.

Counselling can make a significant difference when you experience more stress, challenges, depression or anxiety than feel manageable to you.

Counselling can also just help you improve your quality of life and deepen your relationship with yourself and others.

How we function in life is often rooted in our family of origin experiences, and in the beliefs and attitudes we inherited as children. In adulthood, many people make a conscious shift away from earlier influences. But we are often more affected by our early experiences that we realize. Perhaps our behaviours seem out of our control and we find ourselves reacting out of habitual, half-conscious attitudes and beliefs.

Counselling helps us examine underlying mental, emotional and behavioural patterns. It helps us to articulate thoughts and feelings we might not normally share. It can help us to examine and change behaviours and communication habits that undermine wellbeing and our relationship with self and others. It can help us become more compassionate toward this self that is suffering.

We are not at fault if we have not been able to develop the optimum skills for meeting life. Counselling offers a compassionate way to learn and grow. Counselling is an opportunity to develop a richer relationship with yourself in your life.

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