Welcome to Rowan Percy’s Website!

RP300Rowan Percy, MA, RCC 

Counselling on Saltspring Island for Individuals and People in Relationships

Welcome to my counselling site. I have been counselling since the early 80’s.  I have great joy in working with people who want to heal and grow as human beings.

My counselling practice on Saltspring Island is here to help you explore your life, to become confident in dealing with your challenges, to realize your strengths, to accept yourself as you are and to change as you need to. My work is intended to support you in a productive and satisfying life, no matter the circumstances.

If looking for a therapist seems like a big step, congratulations for making a start! There is a way through whatever dilemma or difficulty you might be facing. Personal problems that seem overwhelming can become manageable. Challenges can teach us about ourselves and meeting them may open doors to a renewed life.

Here are some questions that may be occurring to you:

  How will I know the right therapist for me?

  Will I feel safe?

  Will I be able to open up?

  Will this professional understand my particular issues?

Some possible steps are: talk to friends about their counsellors, interview a potential therapist via email or on the phone, or just make that first exploratory appointment.

I am open to your enquiry, whether through the contact form on this site, by email, phone or an actual session to see if I’m a good fit for you.

To find out more about my counselling practice, I invite you to explore this site, What I Offer, or any of the other topics at the top of this page.

To make an appointment or to get direct answers to your questions, please contact me by phone at 250-537-2831, by the site contact form or by email.